Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And here we have Idahooo...

Okay so this post is humongous. Sorry but this is covering my three week trip to Idaho. Adam had to stay home in Chicago for school. So Andee and I had some fun back with the family in Idaho. We went to: The Eastern Idaho State Fair. My family has a booth there every year and I love it! It was really cold and rainy the first day but the food was delish!

Bridge, Andee, Mom and Kourtney

Andee and Aunt Shauna

Kourtney, Andee and I heading to the fair!

Andee with her cousin Ainslyi
My mom, dad, Andee and I went up there this year just for a couple days. We used to go up there every summer for a week, but lately living in Chicago we haven't been able to. This is the most beautiful place! I love going there.
Andee and Mom

Me and mom

Dad getting ready to surf

Mom, Andee and Dad at the far end of Redfish Lake

We stayed in a little room and Grandma wanted to snuggle with Andee for a little bit!
Dad in our rustic room.

Andee and her cousins Ellie and Brooklyn. They are about six months younger than her! They are all so cute! I wish I had more pictures from the other side of the family but my camera died after taking these pictures and I forgot my battery charger.
Andee with Great Grandpa Christensen. She loved him!

Playing shuffleboard at home. Isn't home beautiful!

Boating at Jensen's Grove-Blackfoot

Cute little Lexi(my niece)waterskiing! She got up on her first try! She is a pro!

Mom and dad at Jensen's

Lexi and Andee. Sorry so many pictures but I actually cut out tons.


Lindsy Hartsock said...

Looks like a way fun trip. I LOVE the Stanley area, it is seriously one of my favorite places in the world! We always used to spend 10 days up there every summer and we always went to Redfish lake for at least a day. Beautiful place.

Julie said...

Those pics make me miss home! It looks like you had tons of fun with your fam. When did you guys put a shuffleboard thing in your yard? It looks fun! When are you going home for Christmas?