Sunday, August 29, 2010


Apparently life is going month to month lately. I am glad time is flying by during this residency. Although, I am surprised it is flying by because everyday seems kind of long. Adam is gone a lot making the day seem longer. But I am liking it more and more in our new place everyday. I am finally starting to learn what is around me. Here is an update on the month of August. Here are our two little cuties. Here is when Brock turned six-months. He can roll over both ways and sit up now. He is growing up really fast.

Andee would go to My Gym and she loved it! They would do all these gymnastic type activities, songs and play time. It's just more expensive than I would like.

We went to the Chicago Air and Water show. We have been meaning to go for four years now and finally did. It was fun and free. Free is always nice! Andee loved playing with Mya. We went with our friends the Lloyds. We lucked out and found some shade. It was roasting that day.

Doesn't Andee look happy? I guess our kids like to sport their belly buttons.
Andee and I went on a girls outing. I took her to Chuckee Cheese and let her do whatever she wanted. The only thing she asked to do more than once was a game where she shot dinosaurs that were chasing her. I thought that would be her least favorite game.
Handsome Brock showing off his strong muscles.
This is Brock's happy face. He sticks out the tip of his tongue. Isn't he adorable? He also loves his feet!

Andee lately loves pulling the cushions off everyday, really everyday. We either make forts, she pretends its her bed, she jumps on them and many other things. She is getting quite the imagination. Below is what she would call her bed.
She still loves princesses and dressing up. This is Andee as Cindewewa. So cute!
I love this picture because this is what I did when I was little. I always wanted long hair. I would put my pajamas on my head that had the elastic around the neck and pretend it was my long hair. I went into Andee's room and she had one of Brocks sheets on her head and she said it was her hair.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well this is a huge catch up and it's for the whole month of July. We have really been slacking but better late than never.
4th of July
4th of July

Andee loves to dress up. She's a very girly, girl.

Cute little Brockey at 5-months. He is getting so strong and can almost sit up.

We just started feeding him some rice cereal. It took him a while to get it but now he is a little piggy!

It's been ROASTING out here so we have gone swimming a lot. There is a nice 1-ft pool in our complex so I can go with just me and the kids. Andee is turning into a little fish. She will swim all by herself with her little floaties on her arms.


Adam and Andee went to see Toy Story 3. It was a little daddy-daughter date. Andee loved it. She sat on his lap for the whole thing. She loved getting the popcorn too, as you can see.

Andee keeps on saying how daddy took her to see Buzz Lightyear.

Here's cute Brock. He is the cutest boy in the world. He always is happy and smiling.