Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hot Tub Time!!!

Garret and I felt like sitting in a hot tub, so we made a hot tub and the kids joined in.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brock Adam Matthews

At 1:45 pm Thursday the 18th of February Brock Adam Matthews was born. Krista started having cramps the day before, but they never amounted to anything until 4 am that night. Her contractions were about 10 minutes apart until 7:30 then they all of a sudden were 3 minutes apart so we rushed to the hospital in Highland Park. She was dilated to a 5 on arrival, so the nurses rushed to get an IV running and she quickly go an epidural. From then on out it was smooth sailing. Krista only had to push twice and Brock came right out. We stayed at the hospital for two days so Krista could get some good rest. Krista's mom had gotten into town the night before so she was able to watch Andee for us. Andee was able to visit in the hospital a couple of times and seems excited to have a little brother. She loves to tell everybody that Brock is "My brother." We're home now and Krista's mom is staying for another week, so it will be good to have the extra help. We are so happy to have Brock safely here.

Krista just after she got the epidural. She wasn't this calm a few minutes ago.

Brock just seconds after he was born.

The proud parents.

Brock getting all the guck washed from his hair.

Father and Son

What a cutie.

Grandma at the hospital.

The whole family. It sure changes the feel of things having a fourth member.

Andee holding Brock when we got home. She was so excited to have us all home.