Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was tons of fun! Andee loved opening presents. Brock didn't care so much. We couldn't get him away from the stairs. He is standing up on everything. He would've been happy with just stairs for Christmas. He wasn't into his toys much. Andee played with Brocks toys and her toys all day long. This Christmas was spent all by ourselves and it was so weird. Adam had to go into the Hospital to do rounds so he was gone for a few hours. Neither of us were in the mood to cook so we went to TGIFridays. Surprisingly tons of people go out to eat on Christmas. We didn't have to wait at all. It was nice and relaxing. This year was definitely a different christmas but fun.

Christmas Eve 2010

We had the Zimmers over for Christmas Eve. It was tons of fun. The boys played Wii and then we all played games. We made cookies for Santa. Andee wanted to make white cookies for Santa because his hair is white so....Snickerdoodles it was. Adam wanted those too so it worked out perfect. The kids opened their Christmas Jammies. Just before we were going to leave to look at lights Santa sent Andee a little message on the computer. He is just amazing, that Santa. It was a fun day!

Snow fun

Andee made her first snowman. She loved it. She wants to make one everytime it snows now. She loves snow and making snow angels.

Adam's 31

I thought we had candles but all we had was the 3 from Andee's Birthday. So the second candle is a match. It worked pretty good. Just had to blow it out fast.

Getting ready for christmas 2010

We had fun waiting for christmas this year. We wrote a letter to Santa, decorated the tree and just enjoyed the christmas time. I think I was more excited than Andee. I love Christmas. I love having the tree in the house. I love smelling it and everything about it. However, this is the first year we bought a tree at a lot and I didn't know you had to cut the bottom. Adam said he knew but we don't have a saw anyway. Needless to say our tree was about to burn down by Christmas it was so dry and dead.

The handsomest boy ever! CUTE! Can't get enough of him.

Decorating the tree.

Brock playing in the lights. He loved the lights but he stayed away from the tree.

turkey day 2010

We stayed here for Thanksgiving. My brother Karson and his family came over to have the feast with us. Thanksgiving just isn't as big of a feast with two families. I miss having food everywhere all day. We haven't had a thanksgiving home forever! It was a fun day. We made our first Turkey ever and I must say it was divine. Yum!