Monday, September 5, 2011

McCall, Idaho

The Matthews' Family Reunion this year was in McCall, Idaho. It was heaven! Adam's parents rented a huge house by the lake. It was the most relaxing trip ever. It was great to just have time together. There are tons of pictures of all the fun we had. Andee was in heaven with all her cousins, plus she got to watch more shows than she ever dreamed possible. Since I am pretty strict with her shows. I know I'm a mean mom. This first pic is bad quality but Brock was just too cute, I had to put it on here.
We all had matching shirts too. Each family had their own color. This is a bad picture but surprisingly the only one I have that shows what the shirts looked like.

Here's Andee with her cousin Brandon getting some candy from the pinata.

Adam and Andee collecting their BINGO prize. There was awesome prizes. It was so much fun!

Family pic

We played tons of games in the water. Here they are playing some kind of sharks and minnows game, I think. All the boys posing. We also played games like catch the frisbee before you land in the water, who can jump the furthest off the deck, the list goes on and on. So fun.

Andee and her cousin Brooklyn.

Adam and Brock. Brock took a while to warm up. He was kinda whiney. I thought girls were supposed to be drama but Brock seems to be more drama than Andee. Crazy boy. :)

Andee and I

We rented a jet ski for a day. Here is Brock with Adam and Grandma Matthews'. Both kids seemed to like it just as long as we went slow.

Andee played in the sand constantly. She didn't seem to like the cold glacier water. The trip was so fun and I wish it could've lasted longer. Adam and I didn't want the week to end.