Monday, May 26, 2008

Six Months Old!

While we were home in Idaho I had my sister Kara take more pictures of Andee. I love the pictures she takes. Andee looks so cute! Her company is Kara Olsen Photography if you are ever in the Pocatello Area, she is good! Sorry there are so many pictures. There were too many cute ones to just put a few on.


Here is my Grandma Christensen, My mom, Me and Andee on Mother's Day.

Finally Real Food!

Andee is six months and finally ready to have some solids. She swallowed right away and was definitely ready for them! We fed her for the first time here in my parents house. It was so cute. It was on Mother's Day!

Hanging at Home!

Adam playing with Andee.
Finally warm enough for shorts~
Playing some more.
Adam and Andee love the blanket game. Maybe Adam was liking it more than Andee. It was really funny to watch Adam impersonate Andee.