Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doctor, Doctor!

The Happy Graduate!

Andee was sick this day so she doesn't look too happy in pictures. She was saying "daddy doctor".

Adam and I

The doctors in the family, my brother, my dad and Adam.

Adam's Parents
It's official! Adam is Dr. Adam. He graduated from Podiatry School June 4. It was a happy day in both our lives. However, I am dreading that the worst is still to come. I hear residency is pretty bad. I might be a single mother for a couple years. I am really proud of Adam. He worked really hard. The four years went by too fast. We really loved the experience and all the people we met while in school.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Way to go, Idaho!

We were able to spend some time in Idaho before I start my residency in Chicago. We moved out of our North Chicago place and dropped all our stuff off in our new apartment and literally took straight off for Idaho. We split time between Bear Lake and Pocatello. We did some fun things but most importantly we just spent time relaxing and hanging with family.

Me burning my student white lab coat. It will not be missed.

We were lucky enough to go to the Lakers/Jazz elimination game.

Andee loved to play in the hot tub. Krista and I spent our fair share of time in it also.

We tried to exercise everyday. Andee too.

Andee love to go down and see the amimals at Grandpa's house.

My parents joined us for a quick two day trip to yellowstone. It was my first visit.

We had fun at our Matthews family reunion which we were in charge of.

One of the last things we did was bless Brock at Krista's parents ward.

Thanks all for a good time.