Thursday, September 17, 2009

By the way....

We thought we would make the official announcement that Krista is pregnant. She is 17 weeks along and due February 23rd. She has been a little sicker this time around so I'm thinking boy. We'll find out in a couple of weeks what it is. We both are kind of hoping for a boy, but we will be completely happy to have another little girl. Andee is so cute with little babies so we think she will love having a little sister/brother.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4 Externships down! 1 to go!

A lot has happened since our last entry. We spent a month in Tacoma and then a month in Portland for Adam's externships. The two months were very different, the first month Adam had tons of free time and the second he was extremely busy. We had great experiences and a lot of fun at both places. Surprisingly it only rained a few days out of the two months. Here are some pictures to catch every body up on what we've been up to.

The second day of our three day journey across the country at the badlands South Dakota. Andee was an angel the entire three days.

More Badlands.

At the Hoh Rainforest near the coast of Washington. It was extremely hot and dry for a rainforest but very beautiful.

Downtown Tacoma with Mount Rainier in the background. That mountain is so pretty and HUGE!

We headed out to the beach a couple of times. These pictures were at a beach near Forks. The entire beach was black round pebbles. I had never been to a beach that didn't have any sand before. The sound of the waves on the pebbles was really cool. The waves were huge and even though I was cold we loved that beach!

Andee was scared of the waves.

To end our month in Tacoma Andee thought it would be nice to poop on the floor and have me step in it right after she got out of the tub. Adam's flip flop suffered some poop smear as well. So I had her sit next to her little present and show how proud she was of her little log.


We stayed with Adam's Uncle Roger and Aunt Judy for the month. I had never met them before we went there. It was nice that I finally met them and we had so much fun. Adam's cousin Heather and her husband Jay were staying there also and there was always family around so I had someone to hang out with everyday while Adam was working long hours. They were all soo nice! They made us feel right at home and we were sad to leave, especially because we don't know how long it will be until the next time we see them.
Andee with Adam's cousin Terri and Andee's second cousin Sawyer.

Adam's Uncle Douglas (and cousin Kenny in background), he hadn't seen his uncle in years.

Andee's cousin and friend Quinn. They played together almost everyday.

We took a day trip to the Oregon coast with Heather, Jay and baby Gwen. We saw the Tillamook cheese factory, the octopus tree, a light house, and visited the beaches Oceanside and one near Pacific city. I was in heaven because alot of these were places I used to visit when I was a kid.

Heather, Jay, baby Gwen, Andee, Adam and Me at Oceanside.

Here we are in the cave headed over to the SECOND beach.

It was cold and windy as it always is on the coast it seems.

Next we headed to Pacific city to see a sand dune that Heather said was huge. We were expecting something the size of a house but no, it's that mountain behind us.

Adam and Andee climbing up the dune.

Heading up. I had to take a lot of breaks.

Gwen and Jay
Heather, Jay and Gwen at the top of the HUGE dune. It was tiring but fun! They entertained us the whole time. We had tons of fun with them!

Heading down the dune.

Uncle Roger and Aunt Judy. Thanks so much! We cannot thank you enough! Hope to see you soon!

Andee at Multnomah falls striking a pose.

Multnomah Falls in a tree

The Family at the Falls. There are so many more pictures but I really need to end this post. It is really long. We had a lot of fun! We hope to see everyone and go to Portland again soon! Thanks for everything!