Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here is Andee at 5-months-old. She weighed 18 lbs. 4 oz. at her check this month. She is very happy-she always smiles and laughs. I just love dressing her up and putting bows in her hair(what's there).

Nice RIDE!!

Adam about to get into our stretch hummer limo. We went to dinner with a bunch of podiatrists and a drug rep was paying, this is the only way we would be riding in this limo. So we got to ride in a cool car-for free!
Mom and Dad inside the limo.
Here we are at our destination. We ate at Shaw's Steakhouse-lets just say we will never go back, it was way too expensive. It was really fun riding in a limo though, we felt special.

Our Little Fish!

Here is Andee swimming for the first time. We stayed downtown with my parents and so we took Andee in the pool. She loved it!
So did Adam.
Andee with Grandma Howard.
We forgot Andee's swimsuit so we just had her in a onesie and a normal diaper. Diapers get ENORMOUS after being in water. We couldn't believe it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ed Debevicks-Fine Dining!

My parents came out to visit and we spent most the time downtown. We ate at Ed Debevicks for lunch one day and it's quite the experience. I encourage anyone coming to Chicago to eat there. This picture just above are the waiters and waitresses dancing to some 70's song, the whole things is choreographed. It is really fun and they treat you with such hospitality!

Toned Abs for Summer!

Andee was just begging us to put her swimsuit on her. She is so excited for summer to come! She has been working real hard to get her abs nice and toned so she can wear her navy polka-dot bikini!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free wings!

The first 100 customers at the grand opening of Buffalo Wild Wings would get free wings for a year so we did the only logical thing to do, camp out.
Me and a few friends pitched a tent in the parking lot and joined about 70 other people for a fun filled night of freezing.
We had plenty of entertainment. Garrett graced us with some harmonica.
Dustin froze in his paper thin sleeping bag. The temperature reached 21.
When morning came we were victorious and enjoyed our delicious wings.

Dancing Daddy!

Adam will occasionally dance with Andee and it is so adorable. This is Adam dancing with Andee and her friend Carter. I was making dinner so Adam was on baby duty. To entertain both of them he danced with them both!


Here she is at 4-months-old. At her check-up she weighed 16 lbs. 13 oz. She is 26 1/4 inches long. She is in the 97% for her height and weight. I love my chubby little girl! She is so fun to cuddle and play with. She is growing up so fast!

Growing Up!!

Here is Andee all bundled up for going on one of her first strolls outside. I think she is just tolerating me.
"Hello!!!"-Isn't she just adorable! I was taking pictures of Adam and Andee and I was reviewing them after I took some. After I was done reviewing and went back to the screen to take a picture this is what I saw. She was just staring at me, sooo interested in the camera! It was soo cute!
Adam is so cute to watch with Andee. He always checks on her and wants to hold and play with her right when he gets home from school or studying. He is such a good daddy!
We put Andee on her blanket to just kick around and play. When we walked past her again she had the blanket pulled over her face with a smile. She just loves pulling blankets on her face. She has a certain blanket that she always loves to cuddle with and rub on her face!
Our little girl is growing up and getting so big. She isn't eating yet, we just wanted to test her out in the high chair. She did pretty good!