Monday, July 28, 2008

Mountain biking, kind of.

Some friends from podiatry school and I headed up to the Kettle Morain state forest in Wisconsin to do some mountain biking or the closest thing we can to mountain biking. It actually is pretty good biking. Garret is so much faster than the rest of us he would ride up ahead of us and stop and take action pictures of Dave , Jeff and I. We weren't able to rest much cause every time we stopped we were attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Other than that it was good times.

Poor mans boating at Independence Grove

Botanical Gardens

We live just a few miles from the Botanical Gardens but we have always put off going there. We decided it was time to check it out. We enjoyed seeing all the pretty plants, and rocks, and water, ect. Krista's favorite part in my opinion was seeing the brides getting their wedding pictures. My favorite part was the bonsai trees. Those crazy little trees are sweet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


After I took the boards on Wednesday I didn't have clinic until the next Tuesday so we decided to take our first family road trip. We left our house on Thursday morning at 5 am so we could miss the crazy Chicago rush hour traffic. We headed off to Ann Arbor Michigan to visit my cousin Lane his wife Julie and their three girls. We visited for a couple hours then we were off to Canada. We visited with a lady I baptized on my mission. We stayed there for a few hours then we stayed in our hotel at Niagra Falls Ontario. On Friday we spent the whole day visiting the sites in Palmyra and at the end of the day we watched the Hill Cumorah pageant. On Saturday we checked out the Falls and drove around some of the areas I served in my mission. The last leg of our trip we stayed with our friends in Cleveland, Brett and Eryn Lancaster. We headed home Monday morning and made it without any troubles at all. It was a fun get away and Andee was really patient with us and the long stretches of being in her car seat.

Cheryl Bernardo, Andee, and myself. I baptized Cheryl while on my mission.

Krista in the sacred grove. If you've never been in the sacred grove I highly recommend it.
Some of the performers in the Hill Cumorah pageant.

The American Falls and Horse Shoe falls. We were limited to what we could do since Andee was tired and hungry.

Brett, Andee and I at lake Erie.

Andee wasn't too happy about getting wet, and she wasn't to happy with the lady in the next picture either.

Playing Cribbage with Eryn and Brett. The boys took care of business.

Andee really liked Eryn. She even wanted to dress like her.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bike and Study

Here we are at Independence Grove. It has a path all the way around it so you can bike, jog, walk or do whatever. It's around this lake. It's really pretty and fun to go to. Adam studies constantly so we decided that we would get out and he could study while we were out. I biked Andee around the lake while Adam studied. He managed to take her out on a little stroll while we were there too. The picture above is him in the red shirt pulling Andee, you have to look hard to see him.