Sunday, November 28, 2010

Da Bears!

We went to a Bears game and it was really fun! My dad bought tickets for all the sons and son-in-laws to go but some couldn't make it. It worked out great cause I was able to use the extra ticket. Adam and I have always wanted to go to a Bears game but the tickets are ridiculously expensive. Yay! Thanks dad! So the day was pretty cold but the sunshine made it bearable.
The Bears played the Vikings. My dad LOVES Brett Favre so he had to come watch him.
Sky deck thing in the stadium had an awesome view of the city.

The beginning of the game was the best part. They had a bald eagle flying around during the national anthem and then jets flew over at the very end. It was amazing! Also when the Bears came running out there were fireworks.

Here's our bro-in-law Jared enjoying some fun of the game. We were on vacation, it's okay. :)
There was a girl just two people down from him that couldn't even sit up she was so drunk. All the people around her were afraid she was going to throw up on them. She couldn't sit or do anything but she was able to keep drinking. Jared got a good video of her.
Adam, Dad and Karson outside the stadium. The day was a lot of fun! I hope we get the chance to go to another game. I could watch tons of games in person, on t.v. is another story. By the way the Bears won and it was an exciting game!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One, Two...THREE!!

Andee is 3. I can't believe it. She is getting so big. She already says she's three and loved her birthday. She wants everyday to be her birthday now. We took her to the zoo on her birthday and had cake and ice cream. That weekend we invited over some friends to have a little birthday party.

I forgot to mention that we also made her a really ugly cake!! I am not a baker!

The kids made bug hats and went on a bug scavenger hunt. They had bug whistles that they blew the whole time. It was so cute!

They finally made it to the bugs. They had to pop them to get the treats inside. The kids couldn't really pop the balloons. But it was cute seeing them bounce around and try. Jaxson was the only successful one.
Everyone who came. It was fun having the little party. Andee loved it and is still talking about all the kids who came.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pirates and Monkeys

Andee the Purple Pirate
Brock the Monkey

Family Pic

I think this is the cutest pirate and monkey I have ever seen. Halloween is by far the most fun when you are a kid or have kids. I love getting them dressed up. Andee got a little make-up on and was in heaven. Brock put up with the hood for most of the night. I was really surprised. I think he sucked on it like a binky all night because it was soaked in spit. Andee loved trick-or-treating. It was a fun Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I think everyone is going to hate me after this post. This post is about a mile long. I just dont update this enough to make normal size posts. A lot went on in October. We went home to Idaho for a week. A week is way too short. Splitting a week between families just flies by. We surprised Adam's sister. Her son, Adam's nephew, was heading out on his mission. It was a fun surprise! We spent time in Bear Lake. Andee followed Grandpa Matthews everywhere. She loved going to see and feed the animals. We then headed to Pocatello to watch my brother-in-law play football for ISU. He's a senior this year so we needed to watch at least one game before he was done. He did awesome! He scored a 100-yd touchdown by getting an interception. It was a lot of fun. After our trip to Idaho we have been doing Halloween things. We carved pumpkins and decorated sugar cookies. I love fall and Halloween. It always goes by way too fast. Surprisingly Halloween pictures are not included in here. You would think for how long it is. It is just too long to add and I haven't uploaded the pictures yet.

Brock and Me. Andee is becoming quite the photographer!
Andee's pumpkin she painted. There is no way she was getting to carve one! I can barely carve one without getting sliced. If she is anything like me there would have been blood everywhere.

Mine and Adam's pumpkins

Us making cookies.
Our pumpkins!!

Doing cookies again.

Happy and Handsome 8-months old Brock.

Here we are with the star of the football game. It was great to go to ISU game again. I really miss them. I also decided that I don't want Adam holding Andee in pictures anymore. She looks like this in everyone.
Kayt, Ezra and Andee on our last night. Andee got some vampire teeth and loved them.
We celebrated Andee's third birthday early while we were home. She loved opening all her presents.

We made Halloween themed food for dinner. Kara and Adam's face pizza's in the background.

Grampa Howard fell asleep laying next to Andee one night, how cute!

Andee and her cousins playing on the love sack.
Adam and Andee exploring the ice caves in Paris canyon.

We tried to go up to Paris springs but we were cut off by this moose, we decided to save our trip to the springs for another day.
We helped to harvest the garden and Andee loved to see where carrots actually came from.
Grandma and Grandpa Matthews were so good to play with Andee. She loved every minute.
Brock next to his new cousin Avery.
The three Matthews brothers and Brock.
Most of the family at Adam's sisters house for Austin's last Sunday.
Adam's oldest nephew Austin who we went to see off on his mission.
Andee playing with cousins on the Matthews side.