Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Skills

The family on Bang's Lake with the Spencer family in our ward. Our first waterskiing outing this year.
Andee and Adam. Andee tolerated that lifejacket. I think she was too relaxed to get mad.
Krista skiing. First time in two years. It was horrible and hard.
Adam skiing like a pro.
Marie Spencer holding Andee. The life jacket was a little tight.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Since I can remember I've been a huge Atlanta Braves fan (I was a fan before they became good back in the Dale Murphy days). Now that we live close to some Major league teams Krista let me spend a little extra cash and get really good seats to go see the Braves when they came to town (well at least to Milwaukee, cheaper tickets). I've been so excited because I've never watched the Braves in person, until now. We decided to take Andee with us since she wont take a bottle and to tell you the truth, Krista is a little attached. We left early and arrived at Miller Park about an hour early. We were able to watch a little batting practice, and the nice thing was we didn't have to worry about the weather because they have a retractable roof. I was able to see most of my favorite players Chipper, Glavine, Francour, but I didn't see Smoltz cause he was on the DL. Krista even saw a couple players she recognized (She likes the catcher Brian McCann). It was a close game with a little action but the game was mainly a pitchers duel. I didn't mind cause I was just trying to take everything in. We almost caught a foul ball and Andee was an angel the entire game. The only downside was that the Braves lost 1-0 in the last inning.

Andee loved to look around and see everything in the huge stadium.

She also wanted to eat Krista's face.

I told you we had good seats. I'm a huge Chipper Jones fan.

The traditional wiener race in the 6th inning, I think the Hot dog won.

Chipper and the rest of the Braves in action.

I was so upset that the Braves lost at the end, Krista could care less who won, and Andee was glad it was finally over.