Friday, December 18, 2009

Decorating the Tree

Here we are decorating. Andee loved to decorate the tree. She still decorates it everyday. She pulls off the ornaments and then puts them back on. She can't keep her hands off the tree. Luckily she hasn't broke any ornaments yet. It was really fun to watch her decorate. She had a lot of focus and concentration in her face. The first thing Andee does every morning is go turn on the Christmas Lights. She loves Christmas Lights. If we drive at night she points them out and wants to see "mo mismis ights" (More christmas lights).

Adam's the big 3-0!

Adam is 30 this year. I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner and this is what he chose: a HUGE steak and shrimp. We then had some friends over to play games and have cake and ice cream.

Opening presents, The Office season 1.

Jeff Zimmer sang the prettiest Birthday song we had ever heard!

Happy Birthday Adam!


This Thanksgiving was in Chicago with my brother Karson and his fam. I made my first apple pie. I tried to make a turkey in the crust. I also made my first rolls. It was fun to have Thanksgiving with family. This is the first time in the four years we've lived in Chicago.

Andee loving the food eating on her chair on the floor. We only had four chairs.

Eating dinner.

Thatcher and Andee played all day long! They love eachother!

Andee's 2!

Andee is 2! We had two parties this year for her. We had one early while my parents were here that was combined with an early one for Adam. Her second one was later after she was actually 2. She liked being sung to. She is growing up too fast. Here are some pictures of the partay. They are out of order. I couldn't get them to move.

My cute little 2-year-old!

Kissing Grandma Howard, Thank you!

Andee cheesing it with Daddy.

Andee's Birthday Cake. Adam made a two tier cake for her. It was cute. I did the writing. We forgot to take a picture before so here it is half eaten.