Monday, February 23, 2009


Today for Family Home Evening we decided to take Andee on a carousel. We kind of had a clue to how she would like it since she's not normally very adventurous. Turns out we know our little Andee pretty good. She tolerated the ride, and I don't think she was sad when it was over. Andee is so much fun right now. She is at the stage where she will talk our ears off in her own made up language. She is such a cutie.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Summary of our Month and a half home!

Here are some random pics documenting our trip home to Idaho.Andee finally has some teeth to brush.
Andee playing with her cousin Luke.
Me skiing at Pebble Creek.
Andee, Adam and Brooklyn-Andee's cousin-at Adam's sister Stephanie's house.
My dad and Adam on the lift at Pebble.
Adam pushing Andee on her car around Grandma and Grandpa Matthews' house.
Here is Adam with his frosted hair. He came in from the hot tub and his hair was frozen. Here it actually melted a little. It melted really fast.
Adam's parents playing cards. We played tons and tons of games.
New Years with the Matthews' family.
Skiing at Sun Valley.
We boarded and sledded behind the 4-wheeler in the back yard a few times. The boys all built a huge jump to go off. We had tons of fun playing games, hanging out with family and just being there to see the mountains everywhere we look! Adam was there for an externship for school.