Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wisconsin Dells

We met our friends the Misners at the Wisconsin Dells and we made a weekend of it. We had a lot of fun hitting all the waterslides (not Krista of course.) This is the second time we've gone to the Dells with friends and both times we've had tons of fun.

Andee and Jaden floating around in the kiddie lazy river.

Brock was having a rough day and concked out for about a half hour floating in the lazy river.

We had so much fun. Thanks Misners for meeting us half way.


Our Camera is officially crap. If we are not up close the picture is blurry. Frustrating....hopefully we can get a new one soon. I can't believe it doesn't work very well. I think I stepped on it only once, dropped it across the driveway once and the front lens is completely off.

Brock loved sledding. He would say "more" at the bottom everytime. Andee ventured down by herself and didn't wreck...but she didn't really want to go down much after that.

Continuation of updates

NOVEMBER CONT.: Andee turned 4 and had a Rapunzel party where we made Satchels and hid them with surprises inside. We pinned the tail on Maximus.

DECEMBER: Adam turned 32. Old Timer....

We finally got some snow....a skiff. Andee had to go make a snow angel. fun this year. Andee was so excited for Christmas day. Her and Brock would make piles of their presents just about everyday.

JANUARY: My parents came to visit for a few days. We didn't go home for any holidays this year so it was great to see family. The kids loved it!


Blogging. I have totally forgot about it and really have needed to update for a while now. Life has been a rollercoaster lately but we are making it through. I don't even know where to start on updating. So much has happened.
OCTOBER: Here is my Zebra and Cowboy. Andee loooooves Zebras. She chose her costume. It was kind of hard to come up with but we did it!
NOVEMBER: We headed to Florida with my parents, sister and her hubs. We went to the Everglades and beaches. It was warm and wonderful.