Monday, November 10, 2008

Andee's 1st BIRTHDAY!

Our little girl is one today! I still think of her as a little baby but she is becoming a toddler. She still doesn't have any teeth though, I can't believe it. But she is crawling everywhere and walking along things. She has the cutest smile and she is just the best little girl! I hope all my babies are as good as her! Here are some pictures of her happenin' partay!

Mindy, Garrett and Carter all came over for the party. Carter gave Andee an Old McDonald Book. Isn't he nice?? Carter is Andee's best friend! We ended up getting this cake for free because they messed up and couldn't give us what we ordered. So it worked out good! Andee also got some phone calls from her Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that sang beautifully!
Here she is all nice and clean:

Now she is pretty messy but I wanted her to be more covered. Her daddy helped her get a little more messy after this picture. She didn't attack the cake like we'd hoped. I don't even know if she ate much of the actual cake, just the frosting.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Autumn Time! It's Autumn Time! (I don't remember the rest....)

My parents just came to town for the weekend and the weather was so warm so we took some pictures and went to the Botanical Gardens. We were going to head downtown but I either got the 24-hour flu or food poisoning. Still don't know which but I am glad they were here to help. Below is Adam at the Botanical Gardens.Me papa feeding me baby Andee.
mom and dad with Andee

This is the place that I think got me sick! It was good food though. My dad has to go here every time they come to town so he can get their famous Apple Pancake.

Below is us at Halloween. Andee is a GIRL giraffe, see the bow. Krista-Zoo keeper and Adam-Dwight K. Schrute