Saturday, April 5, 2008

Growing Up!!

Here is Andee all bundled up for going on one of her first strolls outside. I think she is just tolerating me.
"Hello!!!"-Isn't she just adorable! I was taking pictures of Adam and Andee and I was reviewing them after I took some. After I was done reviewing and went back to the screen to take a picture this is what I saw. She was just staring at me, sooo interested in the camera! It was soo cute!
Adam is so cute to watch with Andee. He always checks on her and wants to hold and play with her right when he gets home from school or studying. He is such a good daddy!
We put Andee on her blanket to just kick around and play. When we walked past her again she had the blanket pulled over her face with a smile. She just loves pulling blankets on her face. She has a certain blanket that she always loves to cuddle with and rub on her face!
Our little girl is growing up and getting so big. She isn't eating yet, we just wanted to test her out in the high chair. She did pretty good!

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Leslie said...

Andee, you are so adorable! We need to see you more often! Come home soon! Oh yeah, your parents can come too!