Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free wings!

The first 100 customers at the grand opening of Buffalo Wild Wings would get free wings for a year so we did the only logical thing to do, camp out.
Me and a few friends pitched a tent in the parking lot and joined about 70 other people for a fun filled night of freezing.
We had plenty of entertainment. Garrett graced us with some harmonica.
Dustin froze in his paper thin sleeping bag. The temperature reached 21.
When morning came we were victorious and enjoyed our delicious wings.


Jay Sessions said...

Adam and Garrett have the same stories. Adam is even dancing with my grandbaby Carter. Why have 2 blogs when one will do.

Remember me.....Garrett's old man? Uncle Jay.....Jay bird....

I remember Andee when she was inside. You are a cute couple and Mindy and Garrett are lucky to have you as dear friends.

Ben, Rach, and Hebe said...

Ben and I would have totally done this for free B-dubs (as it is affectionately known in OH) wings. Tuesday night is one of our favorite nights of the week!