Monday, March 3, 2008

Sledding in a land with no Mountains.

One of the things Krista and I miss the most about living back west is the mountains. We were able to find a small hill to go sledding on to help us feel more at home. We went sledding with our friends Garrett and Mindy. As you can see, the girls had a lot of fun. Andee wasn't quite sure what to think of being outside though. After sledding we had some delicious hot chocolate and then went inside and did what we usually do, play Settlers of Catan. Love that game.


Ben, Rach, and Hebe said...

I totally agree. I really do miss the mountains. I know that Ben feels like a fish out of water here without them.

Ben Willis was a friend of ours from ISU who is going to podiatry school in Chicago (or at least that is the last we heard of him). We thought he would be in your class or the one behind you. If you do happen to meet him tell him hello from us.

You and (my) Ben will be finishing up about the same time. He said to tell you to move back west and join practice with him (take it from me though, he is not a peach to work with!!!!).

Best of luck with school. Your wife and little girl are so beautiful.

If you ever want to see the football hall of fame we live about 5 minutes from it.

Julie said...

I totally miss the mountains too! Oh well! So who wins Settlers?! :)