Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Andee at 3 months. She smiles and laughs all the time! It is so much fun!

Here is Adam and I on Valentines Day with Andee. It was soo Romantic eating dinner with the three of us and taking diaper breaks. T

here is also my Birthday Cake that Adam made for me. He is so sweet! And of course more pictures of the beautiful baby.


Becky said...

Well welcome to the blog world. You have a beautiful family. It's crazy that I came across your blog. My brother and his family are moving to Schaumberg,(?SP)Illinois at the end of May.

Ben, Rach, and Hebe said...

Hey it has been forever! Your little girl is absolutley beautiful. It was fun to find your blog and catch up with your family.

How far along are you in school? Do you know a Ben Willis?

come check us out,
Ben, Rach, and Heber

scollier said...

I just saw your blog on Rachel's and wanted to say hello. You have an adorable family. Good luck with your schooling.

Ashlee said...

Hey dude! Crazy who you run into on these things. Looks like life is treating you well. Send your e-mail address to and we'll invite you to our blog (it's private) it will be cool to get caught up.

Adam Phelps