Friday, December 18, 2009

Andee's 2!

Andee is 2! We had two parties this year for her. We had one early while my parents were here that was combined with an early one for Adam. Her second one was later after she was actually 2. She liked being sung to. She is growing up too fast. Here are some pictures of the partay. They are out of order. I couldn't get them to move.

My cute little 2-year-old!

Kissing Grandma Howard, Thank you!

Andee cheesing it with Daddy.

Andee's Birthday Cake. Adam made a two tier cake for her. It was cute. I did the writing. We forgot to take a picture before so here it is half eaten.


Jathan and Heather said...

Cute Andee! I can't believe she's 2! And I love that shot you have of her in her coat and hat. Adorable!
Just 2 months left until your boy arrives! We're so excited for you guys! Hope you're having fun over the holidays :) We sure miss you guys, Heather

Misner Family said...

I love all the posts. We miss you guys.
Have a merry Christmas