Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Fun

This is a long post of all the October happenings. First is Trick-or-Treating! Andee's first year trick-or-treating and she loved it. My parents were in town and my brother Karson lives here now so it was a big family affair.
Ladybug Andee and Giraffe Thatcher ready to go trick-or-treating.
Andee with "papa howa"

Adam and Andee trick or treating.

Andee would always stand there after she got a piece of candy expecting more. They'd have to say goodbye ladybug or she would stand there and wait for more candy all day.
Karson, Mom and I. I could barely zip this jacket up. My belly is getting big.
Thatcher slept for actual trick-or-treating so he tried to steal Andee's hard work. She got tons of candy!
Here is Thatcher stealing a piece.


Final Product

------Halloween Party with Friends------

Adam dressed up as Michael Jackson for a friend party this year. He won the costume contest. Andee was a little ladybug.

The Zimmers, they always have the best costumes.
Adam, Andee and I at a friends Halloween party.
The hosts of the party, Dave and April.
Here is Garrett(The horse) giving all the kids a ride! Halloween was really fun and busy! It came and went too fast!

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Michelle M said...

Adam was an AMAZING Michael Jackson. Daphne was the same way as Andee for trick-or-treating: she wanted to get more from one place instead of the hassle of walking to another!

You look so good pregnant!