Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sister Slumber Party!

My sisters husband was out of town and so we all decided to have a sleepover together. We are all wannies by ourselves. It was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures!

Here is the Sophstest with the Mostest. She is such a cutie!
This is the morning after the sleepover. All the kids had waffles and eggs for breakfast.

For some activities at our slumber party we all painted our toenails. I know this is so exciting for you Adam. You know you wish you were there. I made sure to paint my toenails bright RED!!! Your favorite!
Kara with baby Sophie.

Kourtney, Me and Kara staying up late having fu-u-un!

Us girls painting our nails. These pictures are out of order and I can't fix them.

Kourtney and Dustin painting their nails. Dustin loved girls night! YES!

Here are Andee and Kourtney exercising.

Andee and I.

This is a rainbow perfectly over the gap. I just had to take a picture! This is in my parents backyard.

Julie came to visit and this is her and Jaxon outside. I couldn't get a picture of them both holding still by eachother. This is the best I got.

Here is Andee exercising again. It was so cute!I hope you enjoy these pictures Adam. I wish you were here! Only 6 more days! I love you and miss you!!!


Brad and Jamie said...

How fun! It totally is a blast to get all together with your sisters and no hubbies (though we do love and miss them :) I love the picture of you holding Andee, you both look so cute! I love your haircut too, it looks great on you! Maybe we'll see you soon!

Michelle M said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I've never seen your hair short, but apparently you rock any hairdo that suits your fancy.
Fun sleepover, I wish I could do this with my sisters!

Jeff and aimie said...

Your hair cut is super cute!! We are excited that you guys are coming back soon!! We need to have a BBQ soon!!

April said...

As you put it: Fu-u-un! I love girl time!