Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Fran & Dr. Karson

My dad put Andee inside his coat to try to keep her a little warmer. I can't believe how cold it was. We could see our breath sometimes.
Andee trying to stay warm and go to sleep.
Dustin, Kourtney and I on the trolley in San Fran
The fam with the new doctor.
Karson's family Bridget and baby Thatcher.
On the way to Graduation. My brother Karson, me, and my dad.
Me in downtown San Fran.
My little sister Kourtney being crazy.
So my family and I came to San Francisco/Oakland for my brother's graduation from Podiatry School. He is done and I am really happy and proud of him. He is headed here to Chicago for Residency. We spent the rest of the time in freeezing San Francisco. We rode the trolley, ate yummy food and tried to stay warm. It was a lot of fun and the best part was at the end of the trip, when I got to come back to Chicago and finally be with Adam again. A month is just way toooo long!

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Dani said...

Fun trip! I love your family pic at the top of your CUTE!