Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wisconsin Dells

We met our friends the Misners at the Wisconsin Dells and we made a weekend of it. We had a lot of fun hitting all the waterslides (not Krista of course.) This is the second time we've gone to the Dells with friends and both times we've had tons of fun.

Andee and Jaden floating around in the kiddie lazy river.

Brock was having a rough day and concked out for about a half hour floating in the lazy river.

We had so much fun. Thanks Misners for meeting us half way.


mel said...

cute swimsuit Krista! I have the same one. We miss you guys and are looking forward to you being back here:)

깜둥이 said...
You got a message from heaven

Jay and Heath said...

Haha! Cute Brock falling asleep on the tube. I love it! Your kids are getting SO big!! When do you guys head back to Idaho? I think our families NEED to get together soon... we sure miss you guys! xoxo

Julie N. said...

I love the updates! Your kiddos are getting so big! That's fun that you got to meet up with Brooke and her fam!

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