Saturday, May 7, 2011


Here is a mix of dying eggs and Easter day. We dyed eggs with Karson, Bridget and family. Andee loved it. She loves any kind of painting, coloring, drawing, artsy stuff. We tried a new way of coloring eggs where you color them with crayons right out of the boiling water. The eggs are so hot it melts it and looks neat. Maybe this has been around for years but I'd never done it before. Adam hid the eggs and then out ran the kids. Andee was running around everywhere. Brock actually found a few eggs too, it was cute. I think he was interested because he thought they were balls.

We all matched in purple, well all but Adam. He was a springy yellow though. Brock was not cooperating for picture time. Either way Easter is always fun. We hid baskets for eachother and for the kids.

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Jathan and Heather said...

So cute! and look how big your kid are getting! Craziness! that last picture is adorable of Brock =)