Sunday, October 31, 2010


I cannot get these pictures to move so they are not in order. My parents came to Chicago this month for a few days. It is always great to have family here. Andee is attached on their hips.
Thatcher and Andee playing at a park downtown Chicago.

We got a membership to Brookfield Zoo. Its open all year round. This is a place that the kids can pain their own face. This is her favorite spot. She talks about painting her face everytime we talk about the zoo.

Andee and Brock playing in a box. I swear kids favorite toys are the cheap weird ones. She loves this box. It's a car that she drives in and its also her bed. This is her shutting the door to her car.

Brockey turned 7-months old. He is getting so old. Andee is holding up seven fingers.

Here is Andee paying this guy downtown to dance. You had to put money in for him to move. There are some crazy people in big cities.

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