Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doctor, Doctor!

The Happy Graduate!

Andee was sick this day so she doesn't look too happy in pictures. She was saying "daddy doctor".

Adam and I

The doctors in the family, my brother, my dad and Adam.

Adam's Parents
It's official! Adam is Dr. Adam. He graduated from Podiatry School June 4. It was a happy day in both our lives. However, I am dreading that the worst is still to come. I hear residency is pretty bad. I might be a single mother for a couple years. I am really proud of Adam. He worked really hard. The four years went by too fast. We really loved the experience and all the people we met while in school.


Michelle M said...

Well even though the residency might be more brutal than school, I'm STILL JEALOUS that you're two years closer to a full income and real life than we are! Congratulations Adam!

mel said...

That's great! Way to go Adam. No matter how bad residency is it really is almost over and you can be one big happy family who lives closer to us! YEA!

Jessye said...

YEAH! Can't wait to join you on the "graduate" list! How fun to have seen all the family! Well have to do something soon, we are not too far away! Cograds!

April said...

Congrats!!! Why in the world do graduates have to wear such goofy outfits?! I don't get it. Anyhow! Great job Adam... to think of all the work you podiatry students go through is exhausting! And, Krista, you made it through the 4 years too! Yay!!! Hopefully residencey is enjoyable and not the opposite. Being so close, hopefully we'll see you guys soon!

dustin and kourtney said...

YAYYY!!! Wish I could have been there! Love you guys!